Manchester United shirts 2011/12

Manchester United’s home and away kits for the 2011/12 season have been revealed and once more the Nike designs have left a lot to be desired.

The home shirt is a simple design that all said isn’t that bad. The black stripe on the collar may be reminiscent of an American sports jacket (you know, the kind worn by “jocks” in high-school ‘movies’) but overall it’s better than last year’s effort. The singular devil underneath the back of the collar is a nice touch but quite why “relentless” is written on the underside of the badge inside the shirt raises questions.

The away shirt is a bizarre effort that combines a grey’d shade of royal blue with grey’d navy hoops – in a design style that hasn’t been seen on a United shirt since 1939’s away top. What’s more, the colours aren’t usually associated with United. They blue isn’t the same as the colour of the 1968 European Cup Final shirt and while navy was worn on Umbro’s rugby-style effort in 1999/2000 and the third shirt in 2000/01, it isn’t a recognised United colour. The shirt looks like a Next catalogue t-shirt, only the nonsensical buzz-words are replaced by a giant “Aon”. Poor effort.

Last season’s white away shirt – worn in the European Cup Final, will more than likely be relegated to the third shirt as is customary of recent years.

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